Do you know the Opportunities of the Health Sector in Italy?

Do you know the Opportunities of the Health Sector in Italy?


The Italian health care expenditure is the 4th biggest in Europe. Health care system is organized at regional level and there are big differences between regions. ​Now several hospital modernization projects in Italy open up new opportunities for Finnish companies. After the economic downturn period the Italian economy is starting to show a positive growth trend. Taking advantage of the current low cost levels and on the other hand the future growth expectations make this moment an interesting for investments also in the health care field. Several hospitals and research centers are under planning and construction. Also renovation activities are plenty. Besides innovative facilities the new structures attract advanced technologies.

Team Finland in Italy and Finnica Consulting have prepared an overview of the current market opportunities in the Italian health care sector. Don’t miss it! A webinar will take place on November the 23rd at 13.00 Finnish time and fresh market report is available after that.

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