Finnish Mobidiag’s brand hits shelves in Italy

Finnish Mobidiag’s brand hits shelves in Italy


Mobidiag, a Finnish health technology company based in Espoo, provides solutions for in vitro diagnostics of infectious diseases. At the moment it is heavily investing in its global sales and marketing channels, now with the help of recent funding.

The molecular diagnostics company has teamed up with AB ANALITICA for the distribution of the Amplidiag Diagnostic Tests and Instrument in Italy. The Italian partner is specialised in the development and the sales of diagnostic systems for professional use. Under the 3 year agreement, AB ANALITICA is the exclusive distributor of Mobidiag‘s brand Amplidiag in vitro diagnostics for gastrointestinal infections in Italy.

“For the past months, we have been significantly extending our in vitro diagnostics suite of products,” says Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO at Mobidiag. “In order to make our IVD tests and instruments accessible throughout Europe, we are continuing the expansion of our distributor network to be able to support our customers more locally. With strong background in clinical microbiology and molecular diagnostics and a wide sales network, AB ANALITICA is the right partner to distribute our products in Italy.”