Jenni Makipaa

Jenni Mäkipää


Economics and Business Administration
Turku Business School – Finland
| 1999

Creating Successful Partner Networks
Master thesis

(Certified Management Consultant)

|since 2011

SDA Bocconi

Living in Italy
| since 2000

jenni makipaa consultant

Jenni Mäkipää has gained an extensive experience in the business development of small and medium sized companies in the Italian Life Science market during her 14 years career as a Consultant and then Senior Consultant at Finpro Trade Center in Milan, Italy. Finpro is the Finnish trade organisation helping Finnish companies in their business expansion in foreign markets. Finpro consulting practice has been acknowledged globally by the International Trade Organization ITO. During the years she has accumulated experience from hundreds of client projects and market entry processes with their challenges and solutions. For 5 years she acted as a team leader for the Finpro West European and African region for the LS sector.

She has an extensive contact network in Europe especially in Italy and Finland, which can be exploited fop rapid market access and successful business strategies and partnerships.