Are you seeking international growth opportunities?

Are you looking for new global capital?

Do you feel your management team needs incentives for their personal development and leadership skills?

ELITE is a private market platform connecting private companies with diverse sources of capital to drive their sustainable growth. It is a vibrant community of successful entrepreneurs, advisors, brokers and investors focused on helping private companies obtain funding and so transform their vision into clear plans, actions and results. Member companies get access to a unique platform, sitting at the heart of the global finance community. The network provides opportunities for commercial engagement, investment and partnerships. It facilitates access to global funding through financial brokers and over 200 investors. A programme of workshops including 3 strategy and finance series and a number of specific growth labs with well-defined topic each.
ELITE network and digital platform provide companies with simplified access to diverse funding options and help intermediaries and brokers expand their reach. Today, ELITE is a global success story, unlocking funding, jobs and growth for thousands of companies and so bringing benefit to the economies in which they operate.

For more info please visit: www.elite-network.com
Why to join ELITE? Have a look at some of the stories of the member companies here.
For more info please contact info@finnicaconsulting.com or go to www.elite-network.com