Future of Healthcare in the Metaverse

Future of Healthcare in the Metaverse


Today the futurists are all talking about  metaverse and many sectors are already getting closer to metaverse life with service provision of different types. In the healthcare industry there could be many advantages to use virtual and extended realities from the remote care solutions for example in the mental health care, digital imaging, medical training and execution of the clinical trials. Boston Consulting Group has published interesting roadmap of the metaverse application to healthcare. The technology is advancing rapidly and it seems  probably to see disruptive models to be adopted also in healthcare.

In Finland the major public healthcare provider HUS is already doing training in metaverse environment for their medical students. The metaverse used is designed by a Finnish company called XR Presence. Another Finnish tech company Varjo declares that their XR headsets have been already used in several medical training solutions.

I wonder how the healthcare will look like in 2035?

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